"Detail Defines the Man"

alex orso wearing.jpg

Alex Orso is the joint jewellery brand created by designers David & Phil to fulfill their own wants and desires in their search for stylish men’s jewellery. After over a decade in the design industry, David & Phil have lent their creative talents to countless fashion and design companies around the world and the decision to design and launch their own jewellery collection was not taken lightly. The driving force behind Alex Orso is to offer something new, capturing an obsession with minimalist shapes and masculine subtlety.

The product is simple, meticulously crafted and with discrete detail.  They have also been designed to work together so that cuffs and rings can be stacked in different finishes or multiple pendants can be added to the same chain to create and complement your own personal style.

Every piece is hand finished, believing the human touch brings an authenticity to the final product so important in jewellery. For them, it is the detail, no matter how small, that truly defines the man.


“Both David and I are involved in the design process, because we both bring something different to the table. David leans more towards nature and the use of natural stones. I on the other hand lean towards clean lines and graphic shapes. I believe our strength is the combination of both.” Phil Marshall / Creative Director