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182 Upper Street
London, N1 1RQ


Alena Willroth

Alena Willroth

Hand-Cut combination of design & destiny

Alena Willroth’s jewellery designs originate from her predilection for the aesthetics of natural microforms. Her constant quest for unorthodox forms of expression led her to develop a special heat-sealing technique that enables her to create filigree jewellery from polyethylene films for her collection entitled “Slast” (the Czech word for “delight”). This technique involves transferring the design draft onto a film, then cutting it out by hand and finally heat-treating it. The result is influenced very much by the material’s “will of its own” and therefore represents a fusion of design and destiny. A plastic that is omnipresent in our everyday lives but little appreciated is thus transformed by imagination and skilled craftsmanship into something unexpectedly precious.