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182 Upper Street
London, N1 1RQ


Katherine Bree

Katherine Bree

"Each collection starts as a story"


Katherine Bree’s original career began in the fashion industry as a knitwear designer following a BSc(Hons) in textile design.

Now an established jewellery designer, Katherine still has a very fashion based approach, creating wearable treasures influenced by the seasons. Releasing two collections a year her pieces are characterised by strong shape, sophisticated colour and attention to detail.


All of Katherine’s designs are hand made in her North London Studio featuring semi-precious stones, sterling silver and gold vermeil, the naturally shaped stones meaning that each piece is always ever so slightly unique.

“Each collection starts as a story. This might emerge from a walk in my local woods, or from a film I have seen, or an exhibition. One season I was inspired by the beautiful colourful plumage on birds in stark contrast to their urban environment in the Freightliners city farm in London. The next collection was sparked by a visit to the earth galleries in the Natural History museum, London, and an amazing find of electroplated crystals reminding me of comets and meteoroids. From these stories I produce a series of mood boards, with an emphasis on colour. The pieces in each collection then emerge, inspired by the story and the gemstones that I have collected”

“I love natural materials and working with my hands. My urge is to keep creating and constantly work to keep moving forward, experimenting with new designs. I have never been creatively blocked as a jewellery designer which I find amazing and I never have enough time to realise all my ideas. I have built up a massive back catalogue, and only now am beginning to refer back to it for inspiration.”