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Malcolm Morris

Malcolm Morris

'I too give you this gift, dear child: something to remember from Helen’s hands, for your wife to wear at the lovely occasion of your marriage.' - Helen of Troy, The Odyssey

Artist's Statement

"At school I was always interested in the metalwork class and I was encouraged by the metalwork teacher to pursue making jewellery as a career. Forward 40 years and I am still fascinated by precious metals and gemstones.

One of my favourite Museums is the British Museum and I always find myself gravitating to the Greek and Roman rooms to look at the beautiful, rich gold jewellery created at that time. This is where I took inspiration from for the Helen of Troy collection.
Granulation is a very time consuming process, so I developed a technique for me to be able to produce it as a production collection.

The surface finish of these pieces is a burnished, high polished finish on the very surface of the granules which makes them sparkle in the light like diamonds."