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Caroline Finlay

Caroline Finlay

"a fluid palette that echoes the flotsam found on the shoreline"

Caroline explores traditional jewellery making techniques to create mark making on silver and to achieve textures, pattern and form inspired by the Scottish coastline. Each stage is made by hand; she prefers the fluidity this gives her work; nothing is identical or repeated, no pattern is exactly the same. She enjoys the connection this gives her with each piece.

Caroline uses traditional enamelling techniques such as Basse-taille and Champleve in a freer, more experimental way and is not restricted by traditional results, preferring  softer, matt surfaces and textures, applying enamel to convey these. She enjoys the spontaneity that experimenting with enamel allows and the opportunity to bring colour to her work using a palette that echoes the plants, flotsam, sea life and materials found on the shoreline.