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Out Of The Ordinary

Gill Wing Jewellery

Wiebke Pandikow's ethereal creations transform the everyday into the extraordinary

We first fell for Wiebke Pandikow’s ethereal jewellery in Munich on our visit to Schmuck earlier this year. We couldn’t believe the humble material harnessed by this talented Finnish artist to create such delicate work.

Looking outside the usual realms of metal and gems, Wiebke uses plastic bags combined with drift wood, painstakingly crafting each tiny organic growth by hand so that the desiccated wood is blooming with ghostly flora and fauna.

"Experimenting with materials and techniques, indulging my fascination with details, textures and natural shapes, I let my mind roam to create stories and connections." - Wiebke Pandikow

Artist's Statement from Wiebke Pandikow:

"Being aware of beauty all around me, even in unusual places, I strive to create beauty myself

I hope to reflect my care for the natural world in my work, my interest in sustainability and how everything is connected.

Since 2014 I have been working with plastic bags. Without the ubiquitous plastic our civilization could hardly have become what it is today, but at the same time it is a burden on the environment with far-reaching consequences. Especially plastic bags are an obvious symbol for mindless consumerism and a throw-away society. This makes them so interesting for me to work with, to create from them, with the help of a clothes iron and a soldering iron, textures and structures that recall forms of the natural world which we have set ourselves apart from.
In our culture, plastics are commonplace, invaluable yet insignificant.

For me they bear the possibility of beauty."

wiebke pandikow necklace gill wing.jpg

We are so happy to bring these magical pieces to London to demonstrate the remarkable things possible with ingenuity and artistic skill, keeping wonder and imagination alive.